VPS 50

$50.00 / month

Medium VPS 50 is ideal for 10K-100K a month traffic, and self-hosted woocommerce sites.

Product Description

Included with purchase is 2 Website migrations.  Each Server has its own IP address, and each server can be either: a web server, app server, database server or load balancer. Included free you also get:

  • SSL cert (for HTTPS)
  • SMTP integration for better email delivery
  • Geographic options for VPS location (keeping it close to your users is great for seo)
  • Any DNS edits you need. reach out to use to securely share registrar credentials.
  • If requested, we can put Cloudflare between us and your domain for increased security and DNS features

Product Enquiry

Server Types

  • Application servers include everything you need to deploy a PHP / Laravel application, including a cache (Redis / Memcached) and a database.
  • Web servers include the web server software you need to deploy your application, but do not include a cache or database. These servers are meant to be networked to dedicated cache or database servers.
  • Worker servers install PHP, but do not install a web server or database. These servers are meant to serve as dedicated queue worker servers that are networked to your web servers.
  • Database server
  • Cache servers
  • Load Balancer